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Surface Treatment

Electroless plating (lead and heavy metal-free)

PWB/FPC processing (Ni-P, Pd, Au),
general parts, electroforming (Ni-P, Ni-B)

Lead frame surface treatment agents

Copper oxide film peeling prevention, resin bleed-out prevention, heterogeneous adhesion improvement

Functional surface treatment agents

Heat resistance, moisture resistance, discoloration inhibition

Nickel brighteners

High corrosion resistance; matte, semi-gloss, and high-gloss types

Decorative things

Gold-, rhodium-, and ruthenium-plating solutions

Electronic components

Nickel-, gold-, silver- and palladium- plating solution


Nickel alloys-, thick-layer rhodium-plating solutions

Nickel salts

Nickel sulfamate, nickel carbonate

Tin salts

Stannous sulfate, stannous oxide, organic acid tin
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Surface treatment agent

LF related chemicals

Precious metal plating agent

Metal salts
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