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Surface Treatment

Industrial-use surface treatment agents

Electroless nickel and (palladium and) gold plating process for PCB, plating solutions for electroless/plating processes for non-specialized applications, lead-free and heavy metal free electroless nickel plating solutions, Plating solutions for tin and tin alloys, lead-free soldering solutions plating for tin and zinc alloys, electroless tin plating solutions, electroless plating for gold and other precious metals, electroless copper plating solutions, agents for use in various pre-plating and post-plating processes (including anti-tarnish and de-plating), precious metal salts (gold, silver, and palladium salts, etc.), plating solutions for electroforming to MEMS, agents for lead-frame plating

Surface treatment materials for decorative use

Gold, rhodium, ruthenium and palladium platings, Pre- and postplating agents (processing agents, color-change prevention and anti-tarnish agents, etc.), Plating agent for perlnium

Fine chemicals

Nickel salts (nickel sulfamate, nickel carbonate, etc.), tin salts (organic acid tin, activated stannous oxide, etc.)


Various materials (metal anodes, insoluble anodes of platinum, etc.), individual production devices
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Surface treatment agent

LF related chemicals

Precious metal plating agent

Metal salts
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