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Fabricated Metal Products

Copper and copper alloys

Phosphor bronze, nickel silver, 7025 alloys, titanium copper, copper, brass, Hyper Series alloys, ecofriendly hyper-alloys, beryllium copper

Special metals

Stainless steel, 42 alloys, kovar, permalloy, other high nickel alloys, titanium, aluminum, iron

Metal plating materials

Tin, nickel, precious metals

Processing of metal materials

Slit processing of the above metal materials, extrusion processing

Parts fabrication

Metal presses (stamping, bending, deep drawing), die and similar parts, shaving, plating materials, metal-processing agents, metal diaphragms, cladding materials

Phosphor bronze

Hyper titanium

Stainless steel foil

Gold plated parts
HomeProductsFabricated Metal Products