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Responding to all surface treatment business needs

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JX Metals Trading develops and provides surface treatment systems that take into consideration every step of the manufacturing process to turn raw materials into finished products and provides chemicals, such as plating solution, materials and equipment needed in such systems. As a product-developmentoriented manufacturer, we attach importance to developing new products and always search for new functions and better environmental features in our products. In addition, we offer comprehensive support, including waste liquid treatment, for surface treatment businesses, and respond promptly to all environmental needs of our customers. Having been approved as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) by Customs, we are aggressively expanding our business overseas.

Stable supply of reliable fine chemicals

JX Metals Trading also handles fine chemicals consisting of salts, particularly metallic salts, and their compounds. Our advanced control technologies that regulate, at the microscopic level, the purity, particle diameter, shape and density of these substances, together with our mixing and compounding technologies, allow us to produce fine chemicals with a very high degree of reliability that are adjusted to the use and functions of specific end products.

Examples of plating products in use (Au/Ni, thick plated Ni, electroless Sn etc.)

Full support for customers' surface treatment businesses

Development of surface treatment processes

PCB chemical products
We provide Ni/Pd, Ni/Pd/Au, and electroless plating solutions, with superior bondability.

LF chemical products
Using technologies and know-how from JX Nippon Mining & Metals, we provide various chemicals for processes from pre-treatment to post-treatment (anti-tarnish).

MEMS products
We are a dominant supplier of plating chemicals with unique and superior properties, such as thick Rhodium plating solutions, and our "Nickel Sulfamate 900 HG."

Takatsuki Plant (Osaka)

The Takatsuki Plant is our base for surface treatment production and research and development. It is the hub of a production system that ensures a high level of reliability and advanced assessment and analysis.

Assessment & analysis equipment at Takatsuki Plant

Surface (cross-section) monitoring equipment

  • Scanning electron microscope (Hitachi S-2150 [Ion Sputter Hitachi E101])
  • Energy-scattering-type X-ray analysis apparatus (Horiba EMAX-5770W)
  • Auger electron spectrometer (JEOL JAMP-7100E)
  • Confocal microscope (Lasertec C130)

Auger (AES) surface treatment analysis (Qualitative chart and depth profile chart)

Concentration analysis equipment

  • ICP high-frequency plasma emission spectrometer analysis apparatus (SII SPS-5100, Thermo Electron IRIS-1000)
  • Atomic absorption spectrometer (Thermo Electron SOLLAR S4)
  • Ultraviolet light and visible-spectrum light analysis apparatus(Hitachi U-3210)
  • Ion chromatographic analysis apparatus (Dionex DX-320)
  • Ultra high-speed liquid chromatograph (Waters ACQUITY)
  • Capillary electrophoresis analysis apparatus (Otsuka Electronics CAPI-3200)
  • Total organic carbon analyzer (Shimadzu TOC-V)
  • Fourier microscopic infrared spectro-photometer (Varian 2000FT-IR)

Other experimental equipment

  • Bond tester (Dage Precision Industries), Reflow furnace (Pulse RF-330)
  • Solder checker (Reska SAT-5100)
  • Bonding machine (Shinkawa SWB-FA-CUB-45.3)
  • X-ray fluorescence system for coating measurement (SII SEA-5120, SII SFT-3200)
  • Ultra-miniaturized hardness
  • SS (salt spray) and CASS (copper accelerated acetic acid salt spray)type testers (Toyo Rika STP-90)

  • Others
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