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Specialty Materials Division

Supplying high-purity, high-quality materials

We supply high-purity, high-quality base, rare and precious metals, as well as processed materials made from such metals, to our customers in diverse fields including high-tech areas such as electronics.
As a specialist in nonferrous metals, we not only supply materials but also recycle used materials.

Involvement in customers' projects from the development stage

In developing new products or products with new specifications, we emphasize our role as an active coordinator between customers and manufacturers, who devises and delivers solutions optimal for both sides. In the development of new sputtering target materials and metal powders, specifically, we joined domestic and overseas manufacturers in their product development projects from the early development stage and put forward our ideas that incorporate varied needs of customers and manufacturers. Capitalizing on our functions as a trading house, we meet our customers' diversified needs.

Electro-deposited copper foil (actual application)

Treated rolled copper foil (actual application)

UPINORG (high-purity copper sulfate)

Recycling and environmental services (HMC business) and new energy sources

JX Metals Trading contributes to creation of a recycling-oriented society by marketing metals produced under the Hitachi Metal Recycling Complex (HMC) Project of JX Nippon Mining & Metals. Drawing on our advanced technological expertise, we also supply materials for next-generation energy resources.

HMC products

Main products
Electrolytic copper, tin, antimony oxide (white powder), bismuth, lead

Main precious metal products
Platinum powder, palladium powder, gold, silver/silver shots, other PGMs (rhodium, ruthenium, iridium)

Metal Powders(Products of JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation)
Ceramic products
MoSi2 heating elements

HomeBusiness LinesSpecialty Materials Division