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Fabricated Metal Products Division

Products for greater miniaturization and precision

The Company handles a wide range of rolled metal products, used extensively as electronic materials. We are a world-class dealer in connector materials, and offer a varied lineup of products that offer high precision and quality, such as the "Hyper Series" of high-precision connector materials featuring extreme thinness and high strength, as well as extremely thin metal foils.
    We meet the evolving needs of an electronics industry that demands increasing miniaturization and greater precision in components.

Flexible delivery, processed materials and components services

The Company has established coil centers in Japan and overseas, chiefly in Asia, to meet customer needs in terms of quality, shape and specification, while flexibly accepting small-lot orders and short delivery deadlines. We also provide many materials and components processed with pressing, etching, plating, heat treatment and other processes.

Treated rolled copper foil for flexible printed circuit boards

Hyper titanium copper

Reflowed plating

Support for the Asian region

JX Nippon Mining & Metals Group

Overseas Group Offices

 1  Nikko Metals Shanghai
 2  Shenzhen Nikko Shoji
 3  JX Metals Trading Vietnam Representative Office

Group Coil Centers
 4  JX Nippon Coil Center Kurami Office
 5  JX Nippon Coil Center Kawasaki Office
 6  JX Metals Trading Amagasaki Office
 7  Nippon Mining & Metals (Suzhou)
 8  Nikko Metals Taiwan
 9  Materials Service Complex Malaysia
10 Materials Service Complex (Thailand)
     Materials Service Complex Coil Center (Thailand)

Nippon Mining & Metals (Suzhou) Shenzhen Nikko Shoji JX Metals Trading Vietnam Representative Office Materials Service Complex Malaysia Materials Service Complex (Thailand)

Being the best partner

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