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Reliable supplier of a wide range of basic chemicals

JX Metals Trading handles a wide range of commonly used basic chemical products, such as inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals, petrochemicals and products in gas form.
   We are one of the largest dealers in Japan by volume in sulfuric acid, a byproduct of nonferrous smelting and a key inorganic chemical.
   Another nonferrous smelting byproduct, granulated copper slag, is sold by the Company as raw material for cement, construction material, aggregate and sandblasting.

Large portfolio of functional chemicals

JX Metals Trading sells the hydrocarbon solvent NS Clean (along with a complete cleaning system employing this solvent) as an alternative to solvents containing chlorine. This is one of the environment-friendly solution-type products we aggressively market in Japan and overseas.
   We also trade in safe, healthy and environment-friendly green tea extract, and iodine, one of the few natural resources found in abundance in Japan. Iodine is used in a wide range of medical and healthcare-related applications.

NS Clean

Granulated copper slag

Slag used in caissons

Basic chemicals

Sulfuric acid
Sulfuric acid is a basic chemical product which is used in a wide range of applications, notably manufacture of resins, synthetic fibers, paper, steel, fertilizers, inorganic chemicals and foodstuffs.
   The Company handles concentrated, fuming, or refined sulfuric acid, as well as all kinds of diluted sulfuric acid, offering solutions of precisely the right concentration to suit customer needs. No matter what the product type, customer location or batch size, we ensure reliable deliveries.

Sulfuric acid tanker truck

Sulfuric acid tanks

Sulfuric acid carrier

Functional chemicals

Hydrocarbon-based detergent NS Clean
The hydrocarbon-based cleaning fluid, NS Clean, developed as an alternative to trichloroethylene, methylene chloride and other chlorine-based solvents, is safe for both humans and the natural environment. It is also an efficient cleaning agent, which can be processed for multiple times.
   NS Clean is suitable for "green procurement" and the ISO 14001 certification. The Company sells this product across Southeast Asia, with a marketing network supported by warehousing and logistics facilities in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Taipei, which serve as stockholding points. We also suggest ways of combining cleaning equipment with NS Clean, in a way that is carefully matched to each customer's needs.
(NS Clean is a registered trademark of ENEOS Corporation.)

Green tea extract
We trade in a wide variety of green tea extracts with deodorizing, antibacterial and anti-oxidizing properties, including Camellia 50EX, a high-purity type soluble in water.

Iodine has a wide range of applications, being used in catalysts, polarizing film for LCD panels, contrast agents for X-rays and pharmaceutical intermediates. In resource-poor Japan, this is one substance that is found in abundance, making the country the world's second-largest producer after Chile.

Multi-layer structured high-performance anti-corrosion sheet
This is our original and innovative anti-corrosion sheet product with excellent “weather ability,” “water proofing,” and “chemical resistance.” With different characteristics in each layer, “Tedlar®” polyvinyl fluoride film made by DuPont is applied on the outermost layer as a white film, providing weather ability and corrosion resistance on the sheet itself. Under this film we applied aluminum foil layer providing water resistance and waterproofness, with special reinforced protective film layer beneath to improve workability and dimensional stability. On the innermost layer is the adhesive layer giving powerful adhesion between the sheet and the target making the sheet easy to handle. Our anti-corrosion sheet is high- performance and cost effective combining multiple characteristics in one.
(Copyright © 2018 DuPont. All rights reserved. The DuPont™ and Tedlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates).

Flame retardant and smoke suppressant

Flame retardant and smoke suppressant
JX Metals Trading sells the “Kemgard® products” which are inorganic and environment-friendly flame retardants made by Huber Engineered Materials in USA.
    The greatest characteristic of the Kemgard® products is the "Char Formation" which brings out the function of flame retardant and smoke suppressant.
    The Kemgard® products are characterized by patented processes in which the molybdates are precipitated on an inert core, and that mechanism makes it possible to prevent the polymer from the heat and oxygen by char forming.
    The Kemgard® products are widely used for non-halogen and replacement of antimony oxide not only in USA but also in Japan, by compounding the resins such as epoxies, rubbers and other polymers.

Thermally conductive alumina fillers
The Martoxid® TM product series from Huber Engineering Materials are thermally conductive alumina fillers. The Martoxid® TM products are applied to various applications around the world. They are compatible with synthetic resins (epoxies, phenolics, acrylics, urethanes and silicones etc.), thermoplastic resins, elastomers and rubbers.
    Martoxid® TM products feature optimized surface treatments and particle size distributions which allow for high loadings and low viscosity for your application.
    Alumina, which is chemically stable and provides isotropic properties (in-plane and through-plane), will be your ideal material contributing to thermal management of electronic components effectively.

Flame retardant and smoke suppressant/Thermally conductive alumina fillers

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